What do we do?

Strategic thinking, leading change


Strategy development to deliver the corporate vision, ensuring people, processes and technology are aligned to achieve a common purpose.

Programme Delivery

Delivering complex solutions within a demanding performance, cost and time envelope requires a rare mix of skills. Central to this is the ability to orchestrate multi-disciplinary teams to meet demanding goals.

Bid Support

A range of bid support services including red team and black hat reviews, to succinctly deliver telling messages that demonstrate understanding, responsiveness and competence

Business mentoring

Business mentoring for startups and SMEs to develop funding pitches; business plans; marketing strategies; technology and product roadmaps.

Who are we?

Strategic thinking, leading change

Ligne is focused on helping clients identify and articulate their strategy and develop pragmatic action plans to deliver successful outcomes. We do this through the alignment of objectives; people; and processes; to ensure efficient and effective business change. We work with clients of all sizes from startups and SMEs up to global enterprises. A particular passion is in encouraging entrepreneurs and we offer a range of complementary services to coach and mentor business startups with innovative products and services to bring to market. Our ethos is simple, we believe in honesty and integrity. Our reputation is the key to our business success and we guard it jealously. In terms of what we do, Ligne prides itself on delivering a valued and valuable service.


Our philosophy is simple...
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Paul Thompson

Managing Director
Paul has over 30 years of project and programme delivery experience gained predominantly in the Defence and Information Systems sectors. He provides focused business mentoring support to innovative hi-tech startups and also supports more established companies, developing strategy; business winning approaches; technology roadmaps and assisting with the change programmes necessary to embed new thinking.
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Who do we work with?
We have encouraged the development of an ecosystem of complementary skills and Ligne is proud to work with a network of associates all of whom have superb skillsets that ensure Ligne is able to deliver significant value to its clients.
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How we prefer to work
Ligne strongly believes that delivery success is founded in the strength of team. A well-led, well motivated team that is clear on its goals and the respective roles of the team members, can deliver truly exceptional performance.


Strategic thinking, leading change